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English A2 Easy English in English

Learn English in English with ’selkosuomi’ to help. Suitable also as a revision course.

Kurssin kohderyhmä

  • The course is suitable for anyone interested in English. 
  • Age limit min. 16 years

Kurssin sisällöt

This course offers you practical, everyday English. In grammar you will revise present and past simple (preesens ja imperfekti), learn more irregular verbs (epäsäännöllisiä verbejä) and practise the pronunciation of the regular -ed endings. You will read and discuss topics, such as appearance and clothes, jobs, free time and holidays, and hotel problems.

Writing tasks include filling in a form.

This course is for non-Finnish speakers and Finnish speakers alike. Everyone is welcome!

At this level you can communicate in simple and routine tasks. You can do short ’chats’ face-to-face and online, and understand the main point in short, clear messages. You can read and find information in texts, e.g. adverts, menus, timetables. You can ask and answer simple questions on topics, e.g. family, home, travel, the weather.


Practical, everyday English on basic level. Simple communication and reading short texts.


englanti, selkosuomi

Kurssin lisätietoa

NOTE! If you are eligible for unemployment discount or Kaikukorttidiscount, please call and enroll to Omnia Adult Education Center (Espoon työväenopisto) tel. 020 692 444 Mon-Thu 12:30-15:30.

  • A1 level in English.
  • The students need to purchase the course book. It is not included in the course fee.
  • New Total English Pre-Intermediate, chapter 1–2.
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Sabine Vilponen,

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